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In a time when blockchain and crypto are no longer niche topics for nerds, a growing number of people are thinking about how they can leverage the power of distributed ledger technologies for their own product or company.

At IOTAplus AG, we want to help our customers understand and use one of the most powerful DLTs in the space, the IOTA Tangle. Allowing for tokenization, smart contracts, and digital identities, with this feeless distributed ledger, the possibilities are endless.


What we Do

Digital identity

Digital Identification of everything and everyone.


Non-Fungible Token – Create and manage individual NFTs for your purpose.


Create your own token and tokenomics and use it within your project or company.

Smart Contracts

Automated code execution based on blockchain technologies.

we build on iota

The IOTA tangle is a next generation distributed ledger technology, which is based on a DAG (directed acyclic graph).

It is developed by the IOTA Foundation with the goal of creating a network for exchanging value and data between humans and machines.



resource consumption

zero fees

fast confirmation times





Sphere is a decentralized online gaming platform based on IOTA’s core technologies. We use smart contracts to operate the Sphere store, an NFT marketplace for the Sphere community, which uses our native asset token.

Metasphere, the virtual representation of the Sphere ecosystem, is a metaverse made for everyone.

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