IOTA SC testnet

IOTA foundation has released new features for it’s testnet, with the beta implementation of smart contracts architecture and some publicly available APIs to interact with. This is a great advance on usability and gives various possibilities to build/prototype smart contracts without the need of having a private or local infrastructure setup.


Available APis

The Wasp dashboard to explore the node configuration and view peering/chain configurations

The Wasp api to deploy and interact with smart contracts

Information about the Wasp access node

API reference for the Wasp API

The URL to interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine on our testnet

The URL to interact with the Ethereum Block Explorer on our testnet

The GoShimmer dashboard to explore the Tangle backing our smart contract testnet
The TXStream TCP port to use for the nodeconn address with Wasp nodes.

The GoShimmer api to interact with the Tangle directly

Information about GoShimmer via the API

Our FairRoulette demo application to see a live smart contract in action

System metrics



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